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Home > Custom or Private Beer Tours of Germany, Belgium, Munich, Brussels, Bamberg, Brugge, Trappist Monasteries, Oktoberfest, and More

Custom or Private Beer Tours of Germany, Belgium, Munich, Brussels, Bamberg, Brugge, Trappist Monasteries, Oktoberfest, and More

Custom or Private Beer Tours, Day Trips, Special Beer Tours, Beer Tastings, Chocolate Tours, City Tours, Lambic Tours, Oktoberfest Visits, and More.

Ron in Germany

If none of my Germany or Belgium Beer Trips meet your needs, I can plan a special custom and/or private beer tour or other type of tour for you. See some of the possibilities below, but contact me at and just let me know what you would like to do.


  • Germany Beer Tour
  • Germany Private Beer Tour
  • Germany Custom Beer Tour


  • Munich Beer Tour
  • Munich Beer Tasting
  • Munich Custom Tour
  • Munich Walking Tour
  • Munich Brewery Tour
  • Munich Beer Garden Tour
  • Munich Beer Dinner
  • Munich Private Guide


  • Kloster Andechs Tour
  • Kloster Andechs Visit


  • Oktoberfest Tour
  • Oktoberfest Visit
  • Oktoberfest Private Guide


  • Bamberg Beer Tour
  • Bamberg Beer Tasting
  • Bamberg Custom Tour
  • Bamberg Walking Tour
  • Bamberg Brewery Tour
  • Bamberg Smoked Beer Tour
  • Bamberg Beer Dinner
  • Bamberg Private Guide


  • Belgium Beer Tour
  • Belgium Private Beer Tour
  • Belgium Custom Beer Tour


  • Brussels Beer Tour
  • Brussels Beer Tasting
  • Brussels Custom Tour
  • Brussels Walking Tour
  • Brussels Brewery Tour
  • Brussels Lambic Beer Tour
  • Brussels Beer Dinner
  • Brussels Private Guide
  • Brussels Beer Cafes Tour


  • Belgium Chocolate Tour
  • Brussels Chocolate Tour
  • Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour
  • Brussels Private Chocolate Tour
  • Brussels Chocolate Tasting


  • Lambic Beer Tour
  • Lambic Beer Tasting
  • Lambic Custom Tour
  • Brussels Lambic Walking Tour
  • Lambic Brewery Tour
  • Brussels Lambic Beer Tasting
  • Lambic Beer Dinner
  • Lambic Private Guide


  • Monastery Beer Tour
  • Monastery Beer Tasting
  • Monastery Custom Tour
  • Brussels Lambic Walking Tour
  • Brussels Trappist Beer Tasting
  • Trappist Beer Dinner
  • Belgium Monastery Private Guide
  • Chimay Tour or Visit
  • Orval Tour or Visit
  • Westvleteren Tour or Visit


  • Rodenbach Beer Tour
  • Rodenbach Beer Tasting
  • Flanders Beer Tour
  • St. Bernardus Beer Tour
  • St. Bernardus Beer Tasting
  • Custom Flanders Tour
  • Private Flanders Tour Guide


  • Brugge Beer Tour
  • Brugge Beer Tasting
  • Brugge Custom Tour
  • Brugge Walking Tour
  • Brugge Brewery Tour
  • Brugge Beer Dinner
  • Brugge Private Guide
  • Brugge Beer Cafes Tour

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Beer MBA classes are offered each Spring and Fall, BJCP Exam Prep and Beer Expert Training (for taking the Cicerone® exams) are scheduled as needed, and Brewery Operations courses are offered each Spring (and maybe in the Fall). Special class sessions for beer distributors, wait staff and others in the beer industry can be customized to meet your needs and offered anytime. Private sessions for parties and events can also be arranged. See Classes for more information!