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Use the short form below to sign up for our email list, so we can notify you of upcoming beer classes and trips. Also, like the Beer MBA Facebook page here:

Class Sign-Up and Payment:

Use the Paypal Form below to sign up and pay for your classes (View Schedule). Be sure to provide your Name and Email Address and the Classes You Are Signing Up For (Series and Class Numbers) in the spaces provided. The Pay Now button will take you to Paypal's website for a secure transaction. You will see a Thank You / Confirmation Page upon successfully completing your purchase.

NOTE: You do not need a Paypal account. You can pay with most major credit cards, a debit card or directly from your bank account (look towards the bottom of the Paypal page to pay without having a Paypal account). If you cannot pay using Paypal or if you encounter any problems, please contact us at or call 877-616-3417, x1.

REFUNDS OR CHANGES: Since you are reserving a seat in the class(es) and plans are made, supplies are purchased, etc. for a certain number of expected people, refunds are not possible. With at least 2 weeks of advance notice, or in certain situations, you may be able to move your scheduled class date to a future date.

Beer MBA Class Payment Options
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Instructions for Attending Beer MBA Classes:

Please read over the following information to be properly prepared for class. Also, if you are the organizer for your group, please make sure everyone gets these instructions. IMPORTANT: Please bring your Driver's License—I must check them!

  1. We need to maintain an odor-free environment (or as much as possible), so that we can enjoy the beers to their fullest. Here is what you can do to help in this effort:

    • Don't bring any food into the class room.

    • Don't bring any odor-ridden clothes into the class room (watch for fast food, smoke, etc. odors).

    • Don't use any strong deodorants or hand lotions.

    • Don't wear any perfume, cologne or after shave (you may not realize it, but there is a cloud of aroma around you—it may be great any other time, but unless it smells like a great beer, please don't wear it on class day ?).

  2. Please eat before you arrive (but nothing too strong - arrive with a clean palate and a full belly). We will be sampling a lot of beers, so it is better to have something in your stomach.

  3. We try to spread the beers out over the course of the class, but it is still a lot of samples. Please know your limits and don't feel bad about dumping part of your samples. Having someone pick you up is also a great option.

  4. Please try to arrive on time, so class can get started promptly.

  5. The first class often tends to run a little long, so please tell Ron if you have to leave right at the scheduled time.

  6. If you still owe money, please have this ready to hand to Ron when you arrive.

  7. Ron is usually crazy busy at the start of each class, so he probably won't have time to chat, but he will be available after class to talk about whatever you would like.

  8. Bring something to write with. Most people take notes. Ron will provide a handout for each class. If you really want to geek out, go to and print out a copy of their style guidelines and put them in a 3-ring binder. Many people do this, and then add my handouts to the binder as you go along. With all that being said, don't be intimidated by this. If you are just doing this for fun, please don't hesitate to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

  9. As a reminder, the classes are at the Indianapolis Liederkranz at 1417 East Washington St, near downtown Indianapolis. Park either behind the building in the grass, or in the FoP lot just to the East of the lot behind the building. Go in the door at the front of the building and continue straight down the hallway in front of you, and go into Der Kranz room.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Smith at Email is typically best, but on the day of class, use Ron's mobile / text number, which is 317-201-6535.

Thank You!
Ron Smith

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Beer MBA classes are offered each Spring and Fall, BJCP Exam Prep and Beer Expert Training (for taking the Cicerone® exams) are scheduled as needed, and Brewery Operations courses are offered each Spring (and maybe in the Fall). Special class sessions for beer distributors, wait staff and others in the beer industry can be customized to meet your needs and offered anytime. Private sessions for parties and events can also be arranged. See Classes for more information!